Prepare today for threats tomorrow.

Businesses in today’s environment should assume that they will experience a cyber security incident. The ability to quickly respond in the event of an emergency empowers a business quickly return to normal business operations and mitigate financial exposure related to an incident.

Our experts prepare your organization by working with you to develop or improve your incident response plan and train your staff to be able to execute the actions needed to endure the panic of an incident.

Uncover fraud schemes and recover assets.

Fraud is pervasive in today’s digital ecosystem. Our investigators are deeply experienced in uncovering the tracks of perpetrators of fraud and can help increase the chance of recovering lost assets or decrease the chance of future fraudulent actions.

Matrix experts are able to investigate a wide array of internet fraud cases.

Industry standard evidence collection and investigation.

Matrix offers comprehensive digital forensic services delivered by experienced industry experts. Our experts follow industry best standards in evidence collection and analysis and responsive communication to our clients.

Clients can trust in Matrix do deliver timely investigations so you can focus on growing your business.

Isolate, understand, and avoid future malware attacks.

If your business becomes infected with malicious software, our experts can isolate the suspected malware and help you understand the capability of the malware and the scope of the infection.

Our ability to reverse engineer suspected malware improves your ability to respond with confidence in the event of a suspected incident so you can return to focus on growing your business.

Expert testimonies to help you win your case.

Our investigators are deeply experienced in providing forensic investigation services and expert testimony to support litigation efforts.

Our knowledge of the legal system and experience in courtrooms can improve the likelihood a favorable outcome and mitigate financial exposure in a litigious situation.